Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UPDATE! 2012-6-26 Pens and Notebook

There is a change concerning pens and notebook.

We should provide you with the textbook and a notebook and some colored pens

Sorry!  New info.  You must buy your own pens and notebook.  Sorry!  I was just told of this change (Tuesday, June 26, 11am).

We use colored pens (green, purple or red, and a yellow hi-liter) to do peer-editing.  Peer-editing is when we look at our classmate's paper to help them write better, and also teach ourselves

You provide your regular (black or blue) pen or pencil.  and your BRAIN

The notebook should be B5 size or larger (176mm x 250mm), with at least 20 sheets (40 pages when you count front and back of each sheet).  You can choose a "spiral" (wire) binder or a sewn book type.