Friday, June 22, 2012

Introduction to the course

Welcome to our class!

I'll use this blog to provide information, readings, and feedback to you (both classes).

We may do things in different order, and the blog postings are not in the order I want - so we'll say things like "Reading #23."  (Don't worry, there is no reading #23.)

Feel free to contact me via email, SMS, Kakao or other social media -- or even through the telephone.  Please be sure to identify yourself as a student in my Writing class, because I'm terrible at names. (I'm pretty good with faces.)  But please don't call me after 10pm!

We should provide you with the textbook and a notebook and some colored pens. Sorry!  New info.  You must buy your own pens and notebook.  Sorry!  I was just told of this change (Tuesday, June 26, 11am). We use colored pens (green, purple or red, and a yellow hi-liter) to do peer-editing.  Peer-editing is when we look at our classmate's paper to help them write better, and also teach ourselves

You provide your regular (black or blue) pen or pencil.  and your BRAIN.

The textbook is Reason to Write (Intermediate).  It's the book with the yellow cover.  Other classes are using lower-level books in the same book-series (all different colors), or a different book. We are the Yellow book.

You will also have additional readings accessible from this blog. (Other classes are using additional books.)

My office is in Dongyeong-kwan -- the building for this programs main office, also known as the KAC building or Center for International Education.  Room 434.

One additional note.  I'll be leaving Korea for vacation July 20th - the last scheduled day of class.  So we will need to do a "make-up" class in advance. We can decide together precisely when, but I guess it will be from 4pm to 5:15 one day during the last week of classes.  (I usually buy pizza when I have make-up classes.)

Prof. Rob Dickey
Kakao - robertjdickey
Skype - rjdickey